Tax Advice for Property Professionals

STax works closely with many different types of property professionals from commercial agents to LPA receivers. We can add value to your relationship with your client by delivering significant tax savings on their real estate assets. This can not only deliver extra revenue into your business but also give you a considerable competitive edge over your rivals.

But won’t our client’s accountant already be doing this for them?

It is not likely they will have the relevant experience or sector knowledge to be able to provide the level of advice we can in this niche area. The fact that your client’s accountant does not cover the areas we do in the same depth is no negative reflection on them. Here in the UK we have a vast and complex set of legislation underpinning the tax systems. No one person or firm could be an authority on all of it. We work in conjunction with many general accountants in very much the same way as your GP might refer a patient to a heart specialist!

Some of the areas we can add value to include:

  • Agency

  • Management

    Even if no change is the order of the day, there are still opportunities for increasing your clients’ tax efficiency. A large proportion of our capital allowance work is referred to us by managing agents.

    Please click here for more general capital allowances information.

  • Receivership/recovery

    The perfect storm of a large amount of lending on commercial buildings over the last decade and the steep decline in freehold values (commercial outside of the M25) since the credit crunch, has resulted in banks being in control of many more buildings than they ever envisaged or certainly ever wanted!

    Clawing back over paid taxes through the processing of historic capital allowance claims can hopefully bring businesses back from the brink. If this point has already been passed then our capital allowance work can be used to make assets more attractive for sale and potentially command higher values, therefore minimising the loss to the lender.

    We have prepared a brief document detailing where our capital allowance work can add value for lenders. Please click on the link below to download this.

    CA for Lenders (PDF)

As well as providing advice direct to your clients we can also supply you with a number of resources, including:

  • Draft emails to bring these tax related matters to you clients attention
  • Articles for news letters
  • Model documents e.g. s198 elections
  • Technical briefs for use within your business
  • Training for you and your staff so they can identify areas of risk & opportunity

If you would like to find out more about the work we do and how we can assist your business please don’t hesitate to contact us today.